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Taizhou Weihao Machinery Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in research & development, manufacturing and marketing of the Brushless DC Frequency Conversion Scroll Compressor which widely used in air conditioning of new-energy automotive, bus and rail transit vehicles since 2008. As the initiator of electric drive A/C in China and the constitutor of China electric vehicles A/C Standard, Weihao high quality scroll compressors are regarded as being a dependable choice. We are continually developing and improving technologies to enhance product performance to suit various applications and use environment. Taizhou Weihao Machinery Co.,Ltd has advanced production, testing and R&D equipment, such as automatic coil winding machines,  bursting test machine, computer numerical control machine, coordinate measuring machine and others. As well as with the production capacity of annual output of 400 thousand sets of semi hermetic electric scroll compressors.

Manufactured products undergo strict quality testing procedures, product quality, service and thoughtful. We are ISO 9001 approved company with high standard of QA management system. We get high praise from our customers in quality and delivery time.

Compare with the traditional electric scroll compressor, our products are variable frequency with permanent magnetism, saving around 30% of energy with the same working condition. Non-phase sequence wiring is adopted to avoid damage in compressor due to the lack of phase. High efficient of energy-saving and power-saving.

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