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A/C Scroll Compressor Advantage And Disadvantage

Scroll Compressor Advantage:

1. There is no reciprocating mechanism, so the structure is simple, the volume is small, the weight is light, the parts are few (especially the wearing parts are few), and the reliability is high.

2. The torque changes little, the balance is high, the vibration is small, the operation is stable, so the operation is simple and easy to realize automation.

3. High efficiency in the range of cooling capacity that it adapts.

4. Low noise.

Scroll Compressor Disadvantage:

1. The surface of the moving parts is mostly curved, and the processing and inspection of these surfaces are complicated, and some require special equipment, so the manufacturing cost is high.

2. Between the moving parts or between the moving parts and the fixed parts, the sealing is often achieved by maintaining a certain movement gap, and the gas passing through the gap is bound to cause leakage, which limits the difficulty of achieving large compression of the rotary compressor. Therefore, most rotary compressors are used in air conditioning conditions.

3. High sealing requirements and complicated sealing structure.



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