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What's the vehicle scroll compressor?

The scroll compressor is a volumetric compression compressor, and the compression parts are composed of an orbiting and fixed scroll. A shunt flow of gas through the compressor housing is included to reduce many structural features of the entrained oil.

After entering the housing, some of the gas flows upward to reduce the amount of gas flowing downward toward the oil. To accomplish this, the motor of the compressor can be surrounded by a sleeve having upper and lower holes for directing airflow to the winding coils of the upper and lower stator ends of the motor. In some embodiments, the suction inlet is positioned important relative to the two gas passages between the stator and the motor housing. The position of the inlet causes a passage to receive the incoming gas and divide the flow into two opposite directions, i.e., upward and downward flow. The other channels only carry gas up. In addition, the suction baffle, diffuser, streamlined counterweight, and suction pipe oil catch can also help to separate the oil and oil or minimize the entrained oil.



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